Wednesday, January 30, 2013

at least it's not about dating.

As my sixtyish day date detox comes to an end, I've been reflecting on the changes that came with it. If you read my last blog post, you know I developed insight and defined what it is I'm looking for in a partner. [So if you're reading this and are currently dating me, congratulations! You passed the disqualifying round!] But fear not! This post is not about dating.

It's about my very favorite part of being single. Something that always meant so much to me, but I often forgot to focus on. This post is about friendship. And specifically, the types of friends I think everyone should have and keep close at all times.

In no particular order:
*Names have been omitted for the sake of humility and possible legal implications.

   -The friend who, despite spending every other minute g-chatting, texting and phone-calling, you still have standing Saturday morning brunch plans with. The same friend who will drop everything in the middle of a busy trial to act as your attorney for some mess you got yourself into and can't get rid of. Her ADHD may be so severe that you never hear the end of a story, but you love her anyway. And she loves you.
   - The friend who knows exactly when and where your favorite artists and bands are playing and without a doubt will be singing obnoxiously in the front row with you. This friend is great because the only time he'll ever break your trust if when he orders you a tonic instead of soda. But it's still got vodka in it, so you're not even that mad.
   - The friend who will laugh with you, not at you, when you mistake your own reflection for a girl wearing the same hat as you. Who you don't even need to go to the gym with, because every conversation is an ab-workout. Roadtrips are ideal with this friend because she makes 13-hours feel like not long enough. If co-dependence is wrong, I don't want to be right.
   -The best friend's boyfriend, who takes the time to know you, cook for you, be your designated driver, give you boy advice, threaten you for not updating your blog and put up with hours of girl talk, just because he's so crazy about your best friend that he takes the time to become your friend too.
   -The friend who is more like a seeeeester, so you never have to worry about work or school getting too demanding to come between you.
   -The friend who you can call any time you drive by her house and she will be outside ready to hop in the car and start another adventure. This kind of friend useful as they are always game for sharing a Frisbee full of french fried calories.
   -The friends that you sometimes forget to be professional around, but then you realize they are your coworkers and you could get in trouble if someone overhears you, but then you realize you don't care because they are your best friends and nothing else matters but friends. Well I guess except paying the rent, so maybe we should lock it up guys.
   -The friend that is really your mom but sometimes you forget because she is so much cooler than you. And sometimes you think, 'maybe she just has to be this nice to me because I'm the one in charge of how nice of a nursing home she will spend the last of her days in'. But then you know that can't be the reason because when she is old and frail you're going to hold her and cry and never leave her side because she literally couldn't have been more supportive of you from day one.
   -The friend that is married to your mom, but sometimes you question her loyalty because you think, 'I can't possibly be related to someone this kind, talented and responsible'. But then you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and realize, 'oh yeah, we are definitely related..where else would I have gotten these good looks from.' That's the kind of friend that subscribes himself to Denver Groupon just to make sure you get fed every now and then.
   -The friends that are the four most admirable men you've ever known. That have set the standards for anyone you date at a basically unreachable level. You're always protected when you keep these types of friends.
   -The friend with whom you have so much in common that miles can't stop you from being by her side as she marries her high school sweetheart and makes you cry all over your silk chiffon dress and poppy colored pumps.
-The far away but not forgotten Texan friends, whose names seriously light up your day when they pop-up randomly via phone or computer.

If you've got friends like these nothing can make you feel empty.

Thank you friends, for keeping my head above water when the world turns cruel and ugly.


  1. The friend who you called almost every other day during the fall semester to get advice, because distance is a biiiitch.

  2. The mom of the friend whose side you will be standing by, causing you to cry on your silk chiffon dress and poppy pumps! Love you, AliJay!