Monday, December 10, 2012

the driving force.

Nothing gets my %#$& together quite like frustration. 

I've noticed something about myself, and that is, I'm a bottler. Don't get me wrong, I'll vent your ear right off your head. But regardless of who knows what it is I'm mad about, it is not going to get better until I physically release the anger from my body.

This may sound like a flaw [and it probably is] but what I've noticed is that I get more things accomplished through anger than I ever do when I'm feeling great. I clean, I exercise and generally put the undone pieces of my life back in place.

I'm well aware that I have an aversion to bad feelings. I don't function if the world isn't harmonious. But when I can't control the feelings of those around me, I tend to take control in any sense that I can. It would be fair to say that anger is the driving force to a healthy, orderly lifestyle for me.

So next time you're thinking about using me as your punching bag, just know that I'm going to come away from it energized, fitting into my skinny jeans, and not tripping over anything in my room.

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