Monday, November 26, 2012

in the gap.

For my moose, don't fear the gap.

It is no secret that music is my favorite form of expression. I recently noticed a line in a song that I had listened to dozens of times, but never really heard. It's been ringing in my brain ever since.

"Maybe I'm in the black,
Maybe I'm on my knees,
Maybe I'm in the gap between the two trapezes."
- Coldplay, Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall

Life moves fast. Sometimes your feet won't touch the ground, your hands can't grip the sides and reality makes you dizzy. You want to run, and stop, and reach out, and be alone. But buckle your seatbelt, friend, this is when it counts the most.

Humans have an innate aversion to feeling out of control [along with feeling awkward, vulnerable, inconsistent and everything else that doesn't feel good]. But why? Because for so long we've assigned a negative feeling with these normal reactions to life.  Acceptance wouldn't be a virtue if it was easy. 

My best advice?

You grow in times of chaos, so reassign the feelings and recognize the beauty of being unsure. You'll learn more from being tossed around than you'll learn from stagnation. And pick a spot on the wall, it will help with the dizziness. 
The past is depressing, the future is anxiety-provoking. Own the gap. Live for today only. You'll catch the bar as soon as you stop trying.
Let yourself be out of control, let yourself be young and make mistakes
This is how we grow and learn and evolve.

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